A Foster’s Unexpected Best Friend


This kitten season has been terribly rough for many of our fosters. We have had many illnesses spread through our litters causing severe sickness and more deaths than you could even imagine. Our wonderful fosters pour their heart and souls into providing around the clock care to these sick and helpless kittens, making their day to day life a huge struggle.

Have you ever tried going to the bathroom, washing dishes, sweeping the floors, or even fold laundry while holding a sick kitten? Our fosters have and they have all come up with many ingenious ideas, like makeshift carriers, slings, baskets…you name it, they’ve tried it.

However, even the best of ideas had their downfalls. Until one of our fosters came across this “Kangapooch” sling and decided to give it a try. It is absolutely wonderful and has truly surpassed any of our expectations!!

It’s made of a soft stretchy material, sort of like the stuff they use for maternity pants. The kitten rests snuggly, yet comfortably in the sling that rests at chest level. All while leaving both hands to free!!

In honor of our dedicated, hard-working & exhausted fosters, we would like to raise enough money to order a few of these slings. We are hoping this will help alleviate some of the added stress on our fosters who frequently care for sick kittens. We also added this item to our Amazon wish list item of the week!! The link can be found here.

Piece contributed by: Marcia Shenk. Foster mom. Sling model and all around amazing volunteer.