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We are a small foster-based cat rescue in our local community. Our town is centrally located in the heart of Pennsylvania, where resources are more scarce and limited due to being two hours away from the nearest city. We have currently rescued, fixed, adopted/released around 60 cats in our town since our inception in October 2019.

Our adoption fee is only $75, however, that includes vetting, shots and being fixed. The cost to do all that is well over $125 (if not more), and we do not want to deter potential adopters from the fees that it takes to adopt a cat, especially if it guarantees them a new and wonderful home. That is why rely on the kind donations we receive to help us help the cats and kittens in our care, along with their foster families.

Please know that we are a registered 501 c(3) non-profit, (so all donations are tax deductible),and we are ONE HUNDRED PERCENT VOLUNTEER BASED…this, of course, means that every penny you give goes DIRECTLY TO SAVING THE LIVES OF CATS AND KITTENS IN OUR COMMUNITY.

Thank you for your Support.

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